Country Kitchens

Country Kitchens

Country kitchens are everything a kitchen should be: warm, inviting, charming and hospitable. If you like the sound of this but you are living in the city, fret not. These days you don’t have to be living in the heart of the countryside to own one. The country kitchen can be emulated in almost any house, anywhere.

So what’s in a country style kitchen?

Well, two important elements are light and space. This type of kitchen is traditionally well lit as electricity didn’t come to many rural areas until relatively recently. A large window in the right place will do this. It is also spacious and uncluttered. An ideal work place.

The look of a country style kitchen is natural and organic, with lots of mellow, earthy tones. A wooden floor is desirable as well as wooden tables and chairs. For a full on country effect, hide your dishwasher and washing machine behind wooden doors. Choose natural wood texture and grain for wooden surfaces and keep it earthy for painted surfaces: lots of browns, creams and beiges.

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A large ceramic sink is recommended for emulating this kind of kitchen. Also a granite work surface will blend in nicely with the organic look. Or how about a walk in pantry? You can store food as well as hide small appliances and accessories to achieve that refreshing spacious feel.

In frame Georgian style glass doors and standard raised panel or beaded flat panel doors are all suitable for this kind of kitchen. Open shelving is also an option. Cornices, ornate mouldings and corbels further enhance the country theme and we offer a range of them.

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Complete the authentic feel by using family heirlooms e.g. a hand crafted table cloth or antique ware. Use brass/porcelain/silk steel for hardware such as handles and knobs and for cutlery such as forks and knives get those with wooden handles.

Kitchen showroom Cork

There is so much you can do to achieve this style and we will assist you in every way we can. So make it a Hartigan kitchen, for old style with modern solutions.

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