Painted Kitchens

Painted Kitchens

Of course you want your new kitchen to be attractive and easy on the eye but you want more than this: you want it to have personality and character. You want it to say something. Choosing the right colour scheme plays a huge part in determining what personality your kitchen will express.

The arrangement of colours and hues is a powerful stimulant to ideas and imagination. Artists have known this for tens of thousands of years. In selecting your colours you have to think like an artist. Let your kitchen become your muse!

In need of some painted kitchen inspiration?

Here are some ideas for painted kitchens.

1. Black and White. The classic contrast of black and white never goes out of fashion. When we think of these colours we think of a suit. We think smartness, neatness and sophistication. However, a two tone kitchen runs the risk of becoming boring so add some more flavour by adding different coloured appliances and accessories.

Kitchen showroom Cork

2. Navy. Navy conveys authority and strength. It can be combined with white to add sophistication to the look of your kitchen. If you like navy but don’t want your kitchen to be too dark, choose a muted navy or just use it as a feature colour on cabinets or countertops.

Kitchen showroom Cork

3. Natural tones. There is nothing like natural tones to instil timeless and authentic character into your kitchen. They exude warmth, homeliness and hospitality. They are especially good for traditional and country style kitchens.

4. White. An all-white kitchen is a popular choice for those who wish to convey simplicity, elegance and beauty. It is easy to match with other colours: this is why a white kitchen will make choosing the right appliances and accessories less taxing.

5. Subtle tones. Soft greys, light blues and muted browns – subtlety suggests refinement and class and can be used for almost any style kitchen. Add some contrast to keep it interesting e.g. combine light blue cabinets and a natural tone bench top.

kitchen island

6. Cream. Cream kitchens are soft, inviting and charming. Combine cream cabinets with a grey island and soft lemon backsplash for an easy, laid back feel.

kitchen island

Hartigan kitchens are all hand painted by experts who are dedicated to their craft. Whatever the colour or hue, whatever the shade, whatever the combination or colour scheme, we will deliver. We provide kitchens for Cork with character and personality. So contact us today and work with us to bring your kitchen to life!

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